Important Announcements

Dear brothers and sisters,

The Board of Deacons and Pastor Houser met this week and the following decisions have been made:

We will have Divine Service with communion on Saturdays at 5:30 pm and Sundays at 9:00 am.

Saturday night services will be audio live-streamed and then posted and available on-line.

Please participate in our live-stream if you don’t feel well or have a temp/cough/cold, etc.

Sign up ahead of time is encouraged so that we can be sure we have enough sets of chairs

The chairs have been rearranged to meet the 6-foot distance guidance; please do not move them.

There are no assigned seats; we have enough different sets of seats to accommodate all who have signed up with perhaps a few sets left over.

If we have more people than sets of seats there are a few sets in the hallway for use and one in the altar guild room.

Please stay in the hallway or altar guild room; it’s not ideal but will have to do for now.

Bulletins and hymnals will be on the seats.

Face masks and coverings are encouraged

Pastor and a Deacon will be taking protective measures (mask and gloves) during communion.

Communion rails will be wiped between each set of members

Pastor will instruct who/when to come up to communion maximum group at railing will be 4 (2 per side)  

Please respect the 6-foot distance before, during, and after the service.

There will be no greeters, or ushers.

Offering basket will be where the bulletins normally are; not passed around

There will be adult Sunday school in the Sanctuary at 10:30. Coffee will be available in the halls, but bring your own mug or we might have Styrofoam available.  During the month of May there will be no snacks.

There will most likely be other things that we have not considered, but we will learn and adapt as we go along.

We look forward to being together.